Museum Directors & Advisors

Board of Directors:

DSC02568Marc Zuver 

Please see Mr. Zuver’s description the “Meet the Executive Director” page in our “About Us” section.

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Eglon Daley (Maroon-Jamaican American) is knowledgeable about Akan culture in Jamaica and is an artist and painter of major importance on themes of Jamaica and America. He provides advice and assists with art workshops, events and programs, and museum help.  Mr. Daley is noted for outstanding murals, including at the Ronald Reagan Airport in DC, and elsewhere.  He is a descendant of both Ghanian Akan warriors and Taino ancestors.

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Alexis Landa (Afro-Cuban) is an artist/ photographer, community health activist, knowledgeable about Afro-Cubano culture, and deputy director of the Andromeda Health Center.  Mr. Landa assists with art workshops, events and programs; provides museum tours for the public and guests, and represents the museum at community art and cultural events.

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Bianca Bowman (Basque and Panamanian ancestry); recent graduate of Phillips Academy School in Andover, Massachusetts; former chief MOCHA intern.

IMG_0096Pedro Lujan (Mexican American from an old family that fled Mexico during the Mexican Revolution; El Paso, Texas, NM, NYC).  Mr. Lujan is a major artist and sculptor, is MOCHA’s NY fundraising representative, and is a past awards recipient of the Guggenheim award in sculpture and the Roswell Artist in Residence Program.  He assists with Texas/New Mexico programs.  The Board will be expanded over time.  

National Advisory Council

Bill Aguado, former executive director (30 years) of Bronx Council on the Arts; former officer of the former (NYC) Museum of Contemporary Hispanic Art.  (Venezuela, PR, NYC)

Luis Cruz Azaceta, Cuban-born artist of Basque and Asturian ancestry; major pioneer voice in the Cuban exodus; 1985 Guggenheim award winner; taught at the University of California at Davis, and at Berkeley.  (Chicago, New Orleans, LA)

Santa Barraza, distinguished contemporary Chicana/Tejana artist, Art Professor at Texas A&M University (Kingsville – former Chair of the Art Department); formerly taught at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and Penn State University at University Park, PA. (TX)

Mark Clark, major Texas artist; Cherokee background; 22-year career (Installation Expert) with the Smithsonian Institute, retiring from National Museum of the American Indian in 2003; founded Galleria 409, Brownsville, TX.  (TX)

Edmund Barry Gaither, scholar; director and curator of the Museum of the National Center of Afro-American Artists; former adjunct curator and now special consultant at the Museum of Fine Arts (Boston); former lecturer at Spellman College & Harvard College, among others; co-founder and first president of the African American Museums Association; served on several museum-related commissions; recipient of many honors. (Boston)

Rick Hill, distinguished artist, curator and scholar; Iroquois-Tuscarora; former assistant director for public programs at the National Museum of the American Indian, Smithsonian Institution; former director of the Indian Museum at the Institute of American Arts in Santa Fe, NM.  (NY)

Corrine Jennings, scholar, director of Kenkeleba House (Gallery) and Jennings Visual Arts Center (NY); art professor, Queens College, NY. (NY)

Pedro Lujan, see Board of Directors description above.

César Martínez, Chicano/Tejano major pioneer artist in the Chicano Art Movement in the late 1970s and 1980s, and one of the founders of the Con/Safos movement.  (TX)

Roxana Olivas, former director, Mayor’s Office on Latino Affairs.  (El Paso, TX, Washington DC)

Vitaly Rakhman, artist, poet, publisher; one of the historic fathers of the famous Bulldozer Exhibit and one of the fathers of the Russian Jewish movement to portray modern art rather than Stalinist “socialist realism.”  (PA)

Freddy Rodriguez, major distinguished Dominican artist; commissioned by the City of New York to design the Flight 587 Memorial, 2006 recipient of the Art Commission Award for Excellency in Deisgn for the installed memorial. (Santo Domingo, NYC)

Joe Rodriguez, major distinguished Chicano artist, Creative Director, City of San Jose, Hispanic Foundation Silicon Valley, Social and Public Art Resource Center; formerly Arts Program Manager, City of San Jose, Office of Economic Development/Office of Cultural Affairs; formerly Board President, Hispanic Foundation Silicon Valley; formerly Executive Director, Social and Public Art Resource Center.  (CA)

Paul Sierra,  Cuban-born American; major painter.  (Chicago)

International Advisory Council

Dr. Henry Kim, director, Aga Khan Museum (Toronto), former Director Ashmoleon Museum, Oxford University; former Senior Professor at Harvard and Oxford.

Carlos Salazar, artist and Senior Art Professor, Catholic University, Santiago, Chile.

Aitor Berraonda, Co-Chair MOCHA Basque Euskara Council.  Distinguished artist and musician – Spain.

BG Muhn, Co-Chair MOCHA Asian American Council.  Korean American visual artist and Professor, Department of Art and Art History at Georgetown University, DC.

Sang-su Lee, former Chief Curator at the Busan Museum of Art, and an art conservator. Assisting MOCHA as Conservator and Deputy Director for Korean and Asian American Art and Cultural Programming while a Research Scholar at Georgetown University, DC.

Foon Sham, Hong Kong-born sculptor and Professor of Art, University of Maryland, College Park, MD.