Children and Youth Art Educational & Cultural Enrichment Programs

Our free, bilingual art education and cultural enrichment programs for children and youth (grades 6-12) will involve museum and in-school workshops and activities, with artist participation. They will be held both locally,  and  nationally in connection with toured art exhibits.

For example, connected  to our local January, February and March 2017 exhibits “La Gloria de Tejas y Califas” and “Asian American Artists: An Introduction,” MOCHA will offer children and youth programming in DC and, through outreach programs, in Maryland and Virginia (home to 820,000 Latinos).  When “La Gloria de Tejas y Califas” travels, from April 2017 through March 2018, and “Asian American Artists” travels from April to December 2017, children and youth programing will be extended to 3-5 South Texas cities (major Mexican American populations), 2 cities in California (major Mexican American and large Asian American populations) and Chicago (major Mexican American and significant Asian American populations).  (Additional exhibits focusing on other cultures are in planning.)

These children and youth programs will incorporate art, music, film and video and touch upon poetry, dance, history and geography.  Junior art exhibits, will also be held, and awards given. The programs will aim at nurturing pride in the participants’ own ancestral roots and heritage, and fostering creativity and innovation, to help strengthen communities.

“A Shady Nook,” Le Jardin du Luxembourg, Paris, Lois Mailou Jones (US, Haiti, Paris), 1991