Art Sales & Auctions

Please contact us by telephone or e-mail if you would like to be advised of upcoming sales or auctions of artworks from MOCHA’s non-permanent collections.  All sales proceeds go toward museum operations, including internships and children’s programs.

Below is a sampling.

"Images of the Revolution," Victor Casasola
“Images of the Revolution,” Victor Cassola, $5000 (framed)
"Self-portrait of a rooster," Mona Dareshshaveli
“Self-portrait of a rooster,” Mona Dareshshaveli ($25,000 – mirror)
"Curandero," Cesar Martinez, $3500
“Curandero,” Cesar Martinez, $8,000
"Girl in Red," Robert Blackburn, $3,000 (framed)
“Girl in Red,” Robert Blackburn, $3,000 (framed)
"Abakua Dancer," Elio Beltran, $25,000 (on its own frame)
“Abakua Dancer,” Elio Beltran, $25,000 (on its own frame)
"Somos una Nación," Domingo Garcia, $8,000 (framed)
“Somos una Nación,” Domingo Garcia, $8,000 (framed)