Buena Herencia (Good Heritage), Ed Vera (Filipino - PR)
“Buena Herencia” (Good Heritage), Ed Vera (PR)

Our extraordinary vast collection of art and archival works (including long-term loaned works) has been called “a national treasure.”  The artworks offer an alternative aesthetic viewpoint and glimpse at art history reflecting demographic changes in the U.S. from population growth and an ongoing influx of immigrants, refugees and expatriates. They display heritage pride, struggles, and a search for identity, freedom and the great American dream of a better future. Moving Chicano, Native American, African American, and Puerto Rican art can be seen alongside eloquent works by artists in exile (including from Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Colombia, El Salvador and the ex-Soviet Union).  We also have a significant collection of Cuban and West Indian works by American artists, as well as Asian, Middle Eastern and African works by American artists.

Taino artifact, Jamaica
Taino artifact, Jamaica
Painted Nazca vessel (Peru)
Painted Nazca ceramic vessel (Peru)

Our holdings also include a large collection of pre-Columbian, Mayan, Olmec and pre-Inca artifacts, folk artworks, including santos  art (NM, CA), an extensive library of books on art and cultures, a printed materials archive, and a large multimedia archive of films, CDs and  LP records.

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